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Have you been stopped in your car or on the street by police and taken to jail?

Have you been served with an arrest warrant and taken to jail?

  • Do not make ANY statements or answer ANY questions about your case without talking to a lawyer first. Tell any officer you come into contact with that you will not answer any questions without a lawyer. Even if you believe you have nothing to hide, DO NOT talk about your case. Even if the police tell you they will release you if you just answer their questions, stay firm and inform them that you will not answer any questions until you speak with your lawyer.


  • Be polite. Being polite does NOT mean cooperating. However, do not be rude, aggressive, “cute,” or sarcastic. Simply, ask to speak with your lawyer and be quiet.


  • Call your lawyer - or have a family member call - as soon as possible. If you are still in jail, be prepared to answer questions about whether you or any family members can afford to post bond. Do NOT discuss the facts or details about your case with anyone over the phone - jail phone calls are recorded and they WILL be used as evidence against you in court.


When you are released, call your lawyer immediately. It is important to keep in contact so you can meet with her to discuss your case, so she can keep you up-to-date on any developments, and so you can inform her of anything that may affect the outcome of your case.